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We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to think of us because we couldn’t do what we do without your assistance. Choose to donate equipment directly, or donate financially to help us fund a piece of equipment. Your donation will make a huge difference in a child’s life.

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How you can help

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Gently used equipment we are always looking for:

  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Power Wheelchair
  • Adaptive Stroller
  • Pedi Walker
  • Gait Trainer
  • Crutches
  • Stander
  • Adaptive Pediatric Bathing Equipment
  • Adaptive Toilet Seat

How Your Equipment Donation Helps Children

Children with special needs use many types of adaptive equipment including positioning devices, wheelchairs, bath-chairs and walkers. This equipment provides therapeutic benefits to multiple body systems including the musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, integumentary, and urogenital/digestive systems. Supported sitting and standing improve and maintain a child’s bone integrity, musculoskeletal development, flexibility/strength, and minimize the risk of skeletal malalignment (e.g. joint contractures and scoliosis). Assisted mobility and positioning enhances cardiovascular function, improves lower extremity circulation, improves bowel and bladder function, and minimizes the risk of developing pressure ulcers. Additionally, adaptive equipment increases spontaneous vocalizations and self-initiated movements, thus promoting independent exploration of the environment.

We don’t always have access to a van with a lift or ramp so it’s nice to have a stroller now when we need to go somewhere in a car or on a trip that isn’t wheelchair friendly.

Jaiden’s Parents

Providing equipment to those who need it

While adaptive equipment is critical to the health and quality of life of children with special needs, it is often insufficiently covered by insurance or traditional funding mechanisms because these items are classified as “luxury items.” Ongoing cuts to the state’s Medicaid program, along with a limited state budget, negatively impact the distribution of needed equipment to children with special needs. Without traditional funding, many families cannot afford these items, so the children are forced to go without.

TKEN’s Commitment to Children

TKEN aims to provide equipment that will allow children to access community resources, interact with their peers, and participate in educational, recreational and therapeutic activities. TKEN achieves this by collecting used adaptive equipment that would otherwise be discarded,  refurbishing the equipment, and providing it to new families who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Have Equipment to Donate?

Since 2008, the number of public aid recipients requesting support from TKEN has increased from 37% to 65%. Your donation of new or used adaptive equipment that would otherwise be discarded can change a child’s life!

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